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We moved our fine and commitment jewelry collection, Big Ella, online in the turmoil of 2020 after our local stores were temporarily closed during the pandemic from March to August.

2020 is a trying year. Together, we've experienced panic, sacrifice and even losses. But it is during this tough time, we started to see something different and began to realize what these pretty gemstones really mean to us. They're more than making us feel beautiful and delighted, they also give us faith, focus and strength and lift us in trying times. One of our former customers, recently wrote us a letter. She is launching a new business and she wears our promise ring all the time. Every time she feels distracted or low, she would look at her ring, 2.o carats btw., and quote from her letter "this ring gives me constant reminder that I'm doing something big and I can!" Bravo! What a wonderful lady that inadvertently reveals the essence of Big Ella's brand and motivates us to go further!

Big Ella is about "being genuine". We use real gold, 10K or 14K white gold, and authentic gemstones handpicked one by one by our gemologists. Our jewelry stands the test of time.

Big Ella is about "having inner power". Minimal and refined design with the mission to empower people is at the core of Big Ella's design concepts. From the first sketch in our jewelry design, we look at not only the standard 4C, but also the meaning and story behind the gemstone, design and its wearer. Our jewelry rises to every occasion.

Big Ella is about "relationship". We believe a piece of meticulously designed and crafted natural gemstone jewelry helps improve and elevate relationships - the relationship between its wearer and herself, her surroundings and the universe.

Shitsuka Vivianna Woo and Jack C.

Jewelry Designer
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